August 27, 2003

[en] a blog

You might have noticed it: I am writing a blog! After all the time that I spent wondering why people would expose themselves to a hostile world in that way, I am doing it myself.

Why? Maybe one should not ask that question and just accept the fact. Many authors - philosophers, media scientists and the like - envisioned the internet to be a new mean of communication, in the way that everyone would share their thoughts, views and their knowledge with each other. Weblogs are clearly a new, organized way, a step towards that goal.

Apart from that, this blog can serve as a connection to my family and friends in .de for the time that I will spend in .uk. Maybe it will make some of the people who are usually too lazy to write emails think about ... well, writing an email :)

Most blog authors will try to outline their expected content, so here goes ... You will find rants about british people (ranting keeps me alive), and there will be security-related things (no surprise there). I will throw in some bits and pieces that may appear irrelevant to the outsider at first glance, but I will have to adopt to a different culture, actually a different world, as similar to ours you might think it is. So these small bits might be of great importance to me.

Also I will try to find an answer to the question: how intimate an exposure am I willing to show? This may include varying definitions of 'intimate', mind you. In addition, you will notice that I will produce entries in german as well as in english. Blog entries will bear a [en] or [de] entry in front of their title, so you can easily skip the ones that you will most likely not be able to understand.

Comments on this site are disabled, as is searching. Maybe I will add these things later on. And now: enjoy.

Posted by froschi at August 27, 2003 01:35 AM