August 30, 2003

[en] a weekend, a weekend

Hmm, I was just sitting down on my balcony and asked myself: what the hell have you done today at all?

First off, I kept reading on GLib's object system. I want to understand it, I want to publish something about it, so I need to read. Back when I published my book on Gtk+ I thought: "Hell, all this object-oriented-ish-ness in C is some ugly cruft". And it hasn't become better, I must say. There are two or three tutorials out there.

I also kept studying the OGC's Simple Features for CORBA standard. Implementing this would probably a good way to learn more about CORBA, and especially the free implementation called ORBit. But even more than the aforementioned GObject, it looks so unbelievably unpleasant and ugly that I find it really hard to motivate myself to do anything beyond writing the .idl file, which only means to copy it from the specification document.

Also, I found this Usenet-Posting to be very inspiring; sorry, it's in german. The poster has announced an URL that leads to his GPG key signing policy. Since every serious security effort needs an initial policy to be formulated, and since GPG key is a pool to secure private as well as working-related communication, I think it's a very valuable thing to publish the way you are going to handle key management and signing. You can find his draft here:

In several followups, other people posted links to their own policies. To be honest, I was surprised that more people seem to do this than I expected:

The downside is that I really need to overcome my own laziness and advocate the usage of encryption within my Freundeskreis.

Then, I decided to learn more about the network time protocol ntp, mostly because that i am living in as many times as I have computers, and all of them have nothing to do with so-called reality. Bugger all.

And finally I noticed that is not even close to being standards-compliant. I do not even declare a document type in the .html files. Now that's what I call crap HTML writing.

Posted by froschi at August 30, 2003 07:40 PM