September 09, 2003

[en] patent violations destroy innovation!

I just felt like violating a software patent. Beware, because even looking at the following could be a crime in the future:

while true; do
  echo -en "..........\r";
  for i in `seq 1 10`; do
    echo -n '#';
    sleep 1;

It is a pity how easily I can completely destroy the right to innvoate of whole industries with just a few lines. Their rights have to be protected! The myth of Intellectual Property must be protected at any cost!

Or maybe you want to look at, in case you do not think that things like progress bars, automated medical research or testing pupils in schools with a computer should be patentable. We are talking about the ideas here, not about any particular implementations! Yes, that's right: the mere idea of 'hey, we could use computers for medical diagnosis' is protected. The idea belongs to a company. Just like some other company now owns the concept of visualizing processes.

Or: Amazon owns the idea of buying something with a single click. This same company also owns the idea of sending something to someone else than the actual buyer. This means that they can sue every competitor that might do something similar. They have done it before with regard to their one-click patent, and there is no indication that they will stop using and abusing this ownership.

None of these companies did even come up with any of the ideas they own. But this does not matter anymore either.

Links to start with, in case you do not believe that we need any of these mechanisms that are meant to block competion, keep competitors from even entering the market, create monopolies, destroy the Free Software community and do a couple of other really unpleasent things:

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September 08, 2003

[en] nothing new

Now this is exciting news: there are no news. My landlord in .uk has yet to send me the exact address where I have to go. But finally the university has send me the official document of approval that I can enrol. Took them some time ...

Now it's only two weeks away. If I could write anything apart from 'I am excited' and 'I am nervous', I would do it.

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